Wednesday 21 August 2013

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Hive is a faction-led Live Action Role Play based in a Post-cataclysm Colony on a far-away planet. It is a desolate place where loyalties, skills and firepower are put to the test.

Hundreds of years after a great catastrophe struck the colony, the remaining coherent factions of “The Hive” re-emerged and have been fighting against the odds to survive and expand.

It is a fight for resources left after the catastrophe, a fight for territory held by both aggressive and reclusive Renegades and the other factions and, most importantly, a fight to survive whatever lurks in the shadows.

Fighting may not be the only option, however. A sharp mind and a silver tongue may prevail where a quick trigger finger would only get you killed. 

Do you have what it takes to make it in the Hive??

Faction: Alley Kings

Skill listings

Weapon Index

The Campaign maps so far

Hive is the intelectual property of Hive Mentality Productions

All work of Hive is entirely fictitious and should not be considered

the views or beliefs of its crew. The Hive crew is made up of a 

multicultural group of developers of various faiths and beliefs.

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